Not far away Associated with the process of formation and development of Thu Duc Electromechanical Company (EMC) is the memory of a time… “power hungry” 1975-1988. At that time, in order to maintain the diesel power source accounting for 30% of the southern electricity output, the plant performed 2 jobs at the same time: relocate and install 42 diesel stations from Ninh Thuan to Ca Mau; repairing and maintaining over 350 diesel machines from the US, Japan, and France, which are very old and have no spare parts. However, it was also during this difficult period that advanced examples emerged: 2 mobile repair teams of the factory were recognized as socialist labor groups.
Recalling the difficult beginning, Mr. Huynh Van Tri, who was an emulation soldier for 12 years in a row, received 2 certificates of merit from the Government, (Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, Phan Van Khai), said simply: “Before liberation, tools and spare parts were complete. If it’s broken, it’s a new one, who needs my ideas? Then… daringly, spare parts such as “bottle mites”; “You” do anything, restore, replace, force the device to revive. But the results are fun. The same machine when restored, how beautiful it is. Then there was the light from the generator, but why was the electric light so bright then, so happy.” It can be said that it is these typical collectives and individuals that have started a creative labor movement, changing the direction of enterprises.
In 1998, the factory boldly improved equipment, researched, designed, and successfully manufactured the first transformer. Prime Minister Phan Van Khai’s visit was to “praising the employees of the electromechanical plant for their creative and courageous labor to overcome many difficulties and complete the production of a new product “transformer” to meet the needs of the economy”. As if energized, September 1998, factory to manufacture and put into operation 20 MVA-66KV transformer for Chanh Hung station – HCMC; December 1998 successfully manufactured a large pressure transformer: 110 KV power supply with a capacity of 25 MVA.

Four Breakthrough Programs

But the past is only a premise. To live and develop in the market mechanism, having to take care of materials – selling products – bidding – competing to win bids to supply transformers and mechanical products… requires new thinking and actions. With this roadmap, EMC has proposed four major programs: improving product quality and speeding up delivery; business innovation and after-sales mode; organizational renewal, labor and labor discipline; Comprehensive savings reduce product costs.
Accompanying the 4 programs is the self-research and production of a series of automatic and semi-automatic machines to replace the old specialized machines in the production line, such as wire winding machines, paper wrapping machines, automatic heatsink stamping machines, automatic silicon corrugated iron cutting machines, large-capacity drying ovens that can dry transformers up to 63 MVA, CNC machines for 500 KV power poles… “The profit from mechanical products is not high. If you invest money to buy imported equipment, the company will never have such machines,” said Mr. Hoang Thai Son, Director of Thu Duc Electromechanical Company.
Four groundbreaking programs in the right direction, with encouraging results. Mr. Nguyen Kim Thanh, Chairman of the Company’s Trade Union, illustrates: That is, technical force, automatic equipment, production technology and staffs have passed the test, united and attached to the company. As for the labor force, it can be summarized like this: From 48 people in 1976, now there are 645 people (89 engineers, bachelors, 2 masters), average worker level 5/7; income from 750,000 VND/person/month (1999), increased to over 2,050,000 VND/person/month (2004).

Confident in the future

Through 5 years of production (1999-2004), EMC’s capacity has improved markedly: producing 41 pressure transformers with capacity from 25 MVA to 63 MVA – 110 KV; average sales of 4,500 to 5,000 distribution transformers per year; each year, the average increase from 15%-20%. All transformers put into operation so far have not had any problems. Mr. Le Minh Hoang, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Power Company, a regular customer of EMC, commented: “In terms of product quality and design, the company has made many improvements to meet the demand for specifications. Research and design work has made many improvements and innovations to reduce the loss of transformers, contributing to the reduction of the general commercial power loss proposed by the Electricity Corporation. Together with the General Department of Metrology and Quality of Vietnam granted the certificate of national standard conformity July 2004.

In the near future, Thu Duc Electromechanical Company will transform its organizational model and conduct business equitization. However, the company has enough confidence to continue, that is, the visits and directions of the leaders of the Party and State: General Secretary Nong Duc Manh, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai; Politburo member, Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Truong Tan Sang, Nguyen Minh Triet..; a long history of achievements with 3 second-class Labor Medals, 7 third-class Labor Medals, 14 Government certificates of merit; a key product is present all over the country… Past and present, all as encouragement, marking and signaling for Thu Duc Electromechanical Company to fly high and far away.