EMC: Affirms Its Leading Position In The Electrical Engineering Industry


To obtain this achievement, over a half century, the Company strictly maintained the quality policy on all of its products as well as constantly made improvements to stay ahead of the market. Products under Thu Duc EMC brand are absolutely not copied but must have their own unique technical characteristics.

The birthplace of the first transformer

 In 2008, Thu Duc Electromechanical Company officially equitized to become Thu Duc Electro-Mechanical Joint Stock Company (EMC). This is really an important turning point for an organization that has traditionally been one of the leading birds of Vietnam’s electromechanical industry. How not to feel proud that 18 years before equitization, it was at EMC that gave birth to the first distribution transformer, writing its name in the history of the electricity industry.


Equitization: A Wind of Change

Equitization has really been the magic wand that alohomora a new page in the history of the Company’s development since it has solved the problem of capital that has stuck for so long. The mobilization of large capital investment from outside along with innovation in dynamic corporate governance thinking has added great resources to the Company, removing all barriers as well as inherent inertia which seems impossible to change.


“Blow” new achievements towards the company.

This has been concretized in the following “talking” numbers: before the time of the equitization of the Company, the average annual revenue reached 250-300 billion; Entering the current stage, the revenue growth rate has nearly doubled, while the number of employees has been streamlined by more than half compared to the pre-equitization period.


Having been established and developed up to now, nearly half a century, Thu Duc Electro-Mechanical Joint Stock Company has a long history of pride. But what is more worthy of respect is the fast and efficient adaptation and transformation of the operating model, from which it can continue to create breakthroughs in production and business activities, making equipment, electromechanical service to meet customers’ demand, electricity industry, and benefit the national economy. These contributions themselves speak for the stature of a business that is considered to have a position in the top of the Electrical Engineering industry.