CPCCPSC cooperates with EMC on expanding electricity service activities


Recently, the delegation of Central Power Service Company (CPCCPSC) led by Director Le Huu Danh and Deputy Director Vo Khac Hoang, Director of Experimental Repair Enterprise Vo Van Cuong visited and worked at the company. Thu Duc Electromechanical Joint Stock Company (EMC) to seek cooperation opportunities in the implementation of electricity service activities.

Đoàn công tác tham quan dây chuyền sản xuất của EMC

After visiting the production line and exchanging related work contents, on the basis of EMC’s needs and CPCCPSC’s capacity and experience, the two sides agreed on some basic contents on practical coordination. Executing EMC’s after-sales services in the Central and Central Highlands markets. Accordingly, EMC will assign CPCCPSC to carry out transportation, installation, testing, calibration, repair and warranty for products provided by EMC to customers. In addition, the two sides pledged to promote each other’s strengths to coordinate in the repair of transformers (MBAs) that have been operating for a long time and have degraded quality on the power grid.

Đoàn công tác tham quan dây chuyền sản xuất của EMC

Through sharing experience, since being equitized, EMC has focused on investing in modern equipment, improving production lines and quality management system to continuously improve product quality. , thanks to which the market for EMC’s MBA supply has recovered and grown strongly.

Currently, EMC is having a strategy to further improve the quality of customer service, which CPCCPSC is a suitable partner to carry out these tasks. Recently, EMC also won the bid and provided EVNCPC with 110kV transformers for VSIP projects, Duc Co, Van Canh and CPCCPSC also coordinated to perform related services to ensure quality and progress.

Finding and expanding markets to perform after-sales services for suppliers is a new direction of CPCCPSC in order to continuously diversify activities, increase revenue and improve production and business efficiency.

Excerpt from Central Power Corporation