EMC moves strongly to manufacturing high-tech transformers


Implementing the policy of strongly developing electromechanical engineering in line with the electricity industry of our country of Vietnam Electricity Corporation, Thu Duc Electromechanical Company (EMC) is implementing an additional investment project of 19 billion dong to exchange for electricity.

Due to limited capital, the Company only chooses to import from abroad the most advanced and modern machines, equipment and technology that our country has not yet manufactured. The Company’s experienced engineers, technicians and skilled workers have promoted internal resources, designed and manufactured many specialized machines and equipment to complete and synchronously supplement the production lines of power transformers. Among them, the most significant are the winding machines and transformer drying ovens, the system of silicon corrugated iron furnaces, vacuum drying furnaces, elastomeric heatsink stamping machines, silicon corrugated iron cutting machines, automatic folding vane shell making machines to improve the quality of 3-phase power transformer casings… according to modern technology of advanced industrial countries. The outstanding thing of these machines and equipment is automatic control by computer, high productivity, product quality assurance, material consumption, energy meets the prescribed standards, but the cost is only 10 to 30% compared to buying the same type of foreign machine. When damaged, the Company can manufacture spare parts for immediate replacement and repair.

Thanks to constantly innovating equipment and technology, EMC has changed all models and technical features of power distribution transformers and quickly rose to design and manufacture many intermediate transformers and 110 kV high voltage transformers with large capacity, replacing foreign imported ones. In the past 3 years, the Company has supplied 12,663 electric transformers of all kinds to the whole country, an increase of over 32% compared to the same period of the previous year. The company has won an international bid, supplying over 3,500 power transformers of all kinds for projects to renovate the power grid in Ha Long city (Quang Ninh), renovate the power grids of Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Nam Dinh cities (phase 2) and renovate the 3 cities of Can Tho, Vung Tau, and Da Lat. The company has also designed and manufactured thousands of high quality power transformers for EVNHCMC.

Especially, for the first time, EMC has successfully designed, manufactured and safely installed 20 power transformers with capacity of 25 MVA, 40MVA with 110 kV voltage for new construction and overload protection substations in the South and Central regions of the national power system. The company is manufacturing a 110 kV power transformer with a capacity of 63 MVA designed by itself. The fact that the Company successfully designed and manufactured many power transformers with large capacity and 110 kV voltage by itself is a great contribution to Vietnam’s electricity industry in terms of economy, technique and national security. Previously, the Electricity industry had to buy power transformers with a capacity of 25 MVA, voltage 110 kV with a price of over half a million USD/machine, now it is not imported, but self-produced domestically with the price of only 50-80%, the time is faster from 2 to 3 months.

EMC has cooperated with foreign companies to manufacture equipment for automatic distribution of electricity on the national grid; To further diversify products such as manufacturing power cables, 500kV super high voltage pylons, transformer sets, mechanical products for power grid lines, rotary evaporators, coolers, spare parts for hydroelectric, gas and coal-fired power plants. The company has also researched and produced a number of specialized mechanical goods for export to Japan, Middle East countries and ASEAN. All types of electrical transformers and mechanical products of the Company bearing the exclusive EMC trademark are managed according to the ISO 9001: 2000 system, reaching TCVN, JIS standards of Japan and IEC of Europe.

After a few years of temporary decline, from the first year of the new century onwards, EMC has regained its form with an average growth rate of nearly 30%/year. In 2002, the company achieved 158 billion dong of total industrial production value, with a total revenue of 148 billion dong, an increase of 32% over the previous year, fulfilled its obligation to pay the state budget, cleared all previously “suspensated” debts, nearly 2 billion dong of profit, averaged 1.9 million dong/month, an increase of 400,000 dong/month compared to 2001. Thus, the company has a strong position in production, helping the company to switch to technology.

Cre: tapchicongthuong.vn