EMC110 – Transmission Transformer 110kV 25MVA

Transmission transformer 110kV 25MVA is manufactured by Thu Duc Electromechanical Joint Stock Company

  • Tested according to TCVN 6306-1:2015 (IEC 60076-1:2011).
  • Short-circuit tested abroad to meet international standards on transmission transformers.
  • Product has been supplied to many power sector units and safely put into operation on the national grid.
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Product Description

Transmission transformer 110kV 25MVA is a type of pressure transformer used to transmit and distribute power in the system, installed for
the regional intermediate station to the high-voltage busbar supplying power to the local intermediate station.

The product is manufactured by Thu Duc Electro Mechanical Joint Stock Company, tested according to TCVN 6306-1:2015 (IEC 60076-1:2011), short-circuit tested abroad to meet international standards on transmission transformers.

The main materials constituting the product include:

  • Silica sheet: from Japan, Korea;
  • Electromagnetic wire/paper coated copper M1;
  • Insulating oil of Swedish and American brands.
  • Under-load regulator (OLTC) from Germany.
  • Insulating paper: from Germany, Sweden.
  • Magnetic circuit of cross-cutting and punch-cutting on G7 corrugated board;
  • The wiring is constructed on specialized equipment; The inside of the machine is vacuum-dried.

Machine structure:

Sơ đồ máy biến áp 110kV 2 cuộn dây điều chỉnh không tải

  1. 110kV neutral porcelain.
  2. 110kV porcelain.
  3. Low voltage porcelain.
  4. Radiator.
  5. On-site control cabinet.
  6. Cooling fan.
  7. Full machine oil drain valve
  8. Climbing ladder.
  9. Auxiliary oil tank.
  10. Cable cabinet.

Specification Of Transformer

  • Capacity: 25.000kVA.
  • Voltage:
    • High voltage coil (HV): 115kV.
    • Adjustment range: ± 9×1,78%.
    • Medium voltage coil (MV): 23(24)kV.
    • Equalizer coil (LV): 11kV.
  • P0: 15kW.
  • Pk: 105kW.
  • Uk: 11%.
  • Wiring Unit: YNyn0 + d11.
  • Preliminary Weight:
    • Inside: 29 (Tons).
    • Oil: 18 (Tons).
    • Total: 57 (Tons).
  • Preliminary dimensions:
    • Length: 6500mm.
    • Width: 5200mmm.
    • Height: 5600mm.

Note: Dimensions and weight are approximate; EMC reserves the right to improve and update parameters based on actual production. Furthermore, EMC meets all of the customer’s production requirements.