EMC3K – Cast Resin Transformer 5000kVA

Cast resin transformer 5000kVA EMC are manufactured by Thu Duc Electromechanical Joint Stock Company, ensuring high quality and safety, meeting technical standards and favored by customers.

  1. Higher safety, can be installed indoors, in harsh environments, high humidity.
  2. More environmentally friendly when limiting the emission of toxic gases and not producing waste oil.
  3. Maintenance is simpler when you do not have to periodically check the oil level, filter, check for engine oil leaks.
  4. Low fire risk because dry transformers are manufactured from fireproof, self-extinguishing materials.
  5. Economic advantages when buying EMC dry transformers at good prices, saving installation – operation – maintenance costs.
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Product Description

Cast resin transformer 5000kVA EMC belongs to the group of dry transformer, manufactured and tested according to IEC 60076 standard; TCVN 6306.

Construction of cast resin transformer EMC 5000kVA

Bản vẽ máy biến áp khô EMC

General specifications of dry transformer EMC 5000kVA

– Manufacturer: EMC.

– Product quality management standard: ISO 9001:2015.

– Manufacturing and testing standards: IEC 60076; TCVN 6366.

– Place of installation: Indoor.

– Transformer type: Die-casting , fireproof type dry transformer .

– Rated capacity: 5000kVA.

– Rated voltage on the high-voltage side: 22kV.

– Rated voltage on the low-voltage side: 6.6kV.

– Number of phases: 3 phases.

– Rated frequency: 50Hz.

– Adjust the non-electrical voltage on the high-voltage side: 22±2×2.5%.

– Wiring group: Dyn11; Y/d11.

– Maximum ambient temperature: 45°C.

– High voltage / low voltage coil temperature rise: 100/100 K.

– Cooling type: AN/AF.

– Insulation grade: F.

– Conductor material (high voltage and low voltage coil): Copper or Aluminum.

– High and low voltage connectors: On the top.

– Protection mode: 02 contacts (alarm and trip).

Specification Of Transformer

Decision No.115/QD-HDTV dated September 21, 2021 by Vietnam Electricity

  • Rated Capacity: 5000kVA.
  • No-load losses (Po): ≤ 10000 W
  • Load losses at 120°C (Pk): ≤ 39500 W.

Ditribution transformer dry type cooper winding wire votaghe level 22/0.4kV:

  • Dimensions (without metal enclosure):
    • Length x Width x Height: 2530x1575x2055 (mm).
    • Distance between rollers: 1070 mm.
  • Weight: 11150 kg.

Ditribution transformer dry type aluminum winding wire votaghe level 22/0.4kV:

  • Dimensions (without metal enclosure):
    • Length x Width x Height: 2400x1800x2400 (mm).
    • Distance between rollers: 1470 mm.
  • Weight: 10000 kg.

Note: Dimensions and weight are approximate; EMC reserves the right to improve and update parameters based on actual production. Furthermore, EMC meets all of the customer’s production requirements.